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Electric by Design

The next generation in regional aviation is here. In September 2022, Eviation’s all-electric aircraft, the Alice, successfully completed its first test flight, powered by 2 magniX magni650 electric propulsion units. The world’s first all-electric commuter plane (9-seater plus 2 crew), the Alice is a product of “clean sheet” design – built from the ground up around the electric propulsion. magniX electric propulsion units will also be powering the Faradair BEHA airplane, a clean sheet-designed hybrid electric airplane that is engineered to be both an 18-seater passenger and cargo airplane.


Our magniX electric propulsion units are fuel source agnostic and work perfectly with hydrogen fuel cells to power larger scale, 40+-seat aircraft. We are proud to be the provider of the electric propulsion unit to Universal Hydrogen for the DHC8-Q300 that they are currently converting to be the world’s largest hydrogen-electric airplane.

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magniX can provide you with the electric propulsion units to easily transform your new or older regional airplane with propeller gas engine into a more economical, zero emission, quieter all-electric commercial airplane. We have achieved great success with electrifying both a DHC-2 Beaver, which became the first ever all-electric commercial airplane to take flight, and a Cessna Grand Caravan, which became the largest all-electric commercial airplane to fly. Our flight-proven electric propulsion units can modernize your fleet and propel it into the new electric era of aviation.

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magniX has developed a family of flight proven electric propulsion units (EPUs) for commercial aviation.

Making It Real: We Promise, We Deliver magniX electric propulsion units are already powering aircraft in flight
magniX Powers Eviation's All-Electric Alice Aircraft for Historic First Flight 27 September 2022

The Eviation Alice successfully completed its inaugural flight, marking a historic milestone in aviation — a world first for a "clean sheet design" all-electric commuter plane, built from the ground up around the electric propulsion system. Alice is powered by two magniX magni650 Electric Propulsion Units (EPUs) that are the only flight-proven electric propulsion systems at this scale.

Modified Cessna Is the Largest Electric Aircraft to Take Flight 28 May 2020

A Cessna Grand Caravan 208B, powered by a magniX 750HP magni500 EPU, became the world’s biggest ever all-electric commercially-focused aircraft to take to the skies in Moses Lake, WA.

magniX Claims First for Electric Aircraft 10 December 2019

A DHC-2 Beaver seaplane operated by Harbour Air, retrofitted with a magniX magni500 750HP EPU, made the world’s first flight as an all-electric commercially-focused aircraft in Vancouver, Canada.

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