Life at magniX

magniX has a strong and inclusive identity, covering not just our commercial goals but also the spirit of our people and the community we form together. Our team arrives at work each morning with passion for what we do and why we do it. We believe that the impossible is possible.

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If something is worth seeing or having, it is worth working for.


Our Values

The shared values at magniX shape everything we do


We are

  • We treat everyone with respect and dignity
  • We remember and honor our heritage
  • We work problems together
  • We take ownership of our work
  • We value each other’s families and the importance of time spent with them

We are all in,
all the time

  • We play with a winning attitude, even when it seems the odds are against us
  • We come to work each morning with passion about what we do and why we are doing it. We go home at the end of the day filled with passion about what we achieved and what waits for us the next day
  • We don’t see the box that others try to think outside of and refuse to be bound by artificial constraints
  • We look at things from a positive and optimistic point of view
  • We operate with paranoia - we always assume others are out to beat us
  • We strive for first-time quality, every time, all the time
  • We continuously improve our products and procedures

We are

  • No secrets
  • No surprises
  • No rumors
  • No ‘side conversations’
  • No passive-aggressive behavior
  • No question eluding

We do the right thing
even when it's hard

  • We pay attention to the details
  • We will do the right thing even at our own expense
  • We operate with integrity in everything we do and at every occasion and interaction
  • Mistakes can and will happen. The key is to admit to them, own them, apologize for them, and learn from them
  • We practice safety in everything we do
  • We do not cut corners to save time

We are

  • We are not afraid to ask questions
  • We question the status quo
  • We are paranoid about what is around the corner and work to prepare for it
  • We never stop learning
  • We strive to continually self-improve
  • We are not afraid of criticism as we work to become better at what we do
  • We are not here for our egos, but for the work, what it represents and how we will positively change the future of aviation

We are

  • We model all the above values and behaviors all the time, at every occasion, be it in the office, in meetings, on business trips, at home, and when no one else is watching
  • We do not give up when setbacks / problems occur

Our People