The Electric Aviation Age has Arrived
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Our Mission

To develop industry leading technologies through strategic innovation, brilliant engineering and a culture that values safety, performance and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To develop industry leading technologies through strategic innovation, brilliant engineering and a culture that values safety, performance and customer satisfaction

magniX Is Leading the Electric Aviation Age

History tells us that advances in propulsion drive revolutions in aviation. After the piston engine and jet engine, the electric motor promises to usher in a new age of flight. With significantly reduced operating costs, electric aircraft will change the economics of travel – as well as eliminate carbon emissions. With magniX propulsion technology now showing a proven capacity to power a range of different aircraft, we offer a glimpse into how the electric era begins. We are exploring all applications for electric technologies in the aviation industry, seeking to accelerate the world’s transition to electric flight.

Our Journey

magniX is built on the cornerstones of people, passion, and possibility. Our story began on the Gold Coast of Australia in 2005, where a lean start-up focused on permanent magnet motors and superconducting technologies, developing a groundbreaking electric propulsion unit. In 2017, we arrived at a major inflection point. How could the technological discovery be translated into a product that would make a large-scale impact on customers, connecting communities sustainably and affordably? It was a turning point that saw us rebrand as magniX, and our mission turn to leading the development of propulsion for the electric aviation age.

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magniX’s heritage goes back to the pioneering work of Group Captain George Watt. Watt, an uncle of Clermont Chairman Richard Chandler, was a New Zealand-born Rhodes Scholar, engineer and test pilot who led the British development program for the jet engine during World War II in collaboration with the engineer Frank Whittle. Watt was asked by the British Government to share Britain’s jet engine technology with the United States. The U.S. requested him to show General Electric how to apply the technology which became the basis of GE’s first jet engine. Watt was awarded the Air Force Cross by the British Government and Legion of Merit by the U.S. After World War II, he became a director of Rolls-Royce, leading the company’s engineering group based in Derby, England. It was while working there that he played an important role in inspiring Tony Guina, the founder of magniX.


Tony Guina, a Croatian-born engineer, establishes Guina Energy in Gold Coast, Australia. In 1967, as a teenager, Tony Guina visited the Rolls-Royce aircraft propulsion facility in Derby, England led by Group Captain George Watt. This tour kindled his love of engineering, a passion that led him to found the company that would become magniX. Both Tony Guina and George Watt are uncles of Clermont Group founder Richard Chandler. The Clermont Group is the parent company of magniX. Guina Energy expands its R&D capabilities in 2009 with investment from the Clermont Group. Research focuses on advanced high power to weight permanent magnet motors and superconducting technologies


Guina Energy successfully develops a groundbreaking superconducting electric propulsion unit (EPU).


Guina Energy rebrands as magniX. First successful test of prototype magni5 EPU. These steps followed the Clermont Group's acquisition of the company in 2016.


magniX headquarters relocated from Australia’s Gold Coast to Redmond, Washington, USA.


Successful test flight of the eBeaver in Vancouver, Canada, in partnership with Harbour Air.


Successful test flight of the eCaravan at Moses Lake, Washington, United States. Universal Hydrogen names magniX as the electric propulsion system provider for the 40-passenger hydrogen-powered Dash-8.


NASA selects magniX to create electric propulsion technologies for future aircraft in its “Electric Powertrain Flight Demonstration” program.


magniX becomes first company to receive FAA CFR33 special conditions for electric engine airworthiness, establishing clear path to certification.


magniX flies its first all-electric helicopter, a Robinson 44, at Seal Beach, California.


First flight of the Eviation Alice, the world's first all-electric commuter airplane, powered by magniX electric propulsion systems.


Successful test flight of the world’s largest hydrogen electric airplane, a DHC8-Q300 converted by Universal Hydrogen using a magniX electric propulsion unit.

Our Leaders

Meet our team of leaders whose passion for pushing boundaries, combined with deep expertise, brings the electric solution to life.

  • John Saabas Chairman
  • Riona Armesmith CTO
  • Jilinda Crowley CFO
John Saabas


Riona Armesmith


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